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Please put 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM, Tuesday February, 11th 2020, on your calendar for the next Energy Finance Discussion Group breakfast.

Helen El Mallakh, Managing Director with the International Research Center for Energy and Development (ICEED), will present:


With geopolitical unrest escalating in the Middle East, we look at the issues driving turmoil in the region and their potential impacts on energy prices and production. This past year, we have seen a ratcheting up of Mid East conflicts—most recently between the U.S. and Iran—that have significant financial and commodity market spillover effects. This talk will address major trends in the Middle East that have wider implications for energy markets and producers: rising tension with Iran, shifting regional alliances, the fight for supremacy between Iran and Saudi Arabia and their proxy wars, a more hawkish oil price strategy, and Saudi Aramco’s IPO.  Last, some scenarios will be presented that address potential opportunities and challenges for U.S. energy producers in the wake of growing Middle East instability.

Helen El Mallakh, Managing Director of the International Research Center for Energy and Economic Development (ICEED) and Managing Editor of The Journal of Energy and Development, specializes in the field of energy and political risk assessment.  The speaker has concentrated on geopolitics and their impact on energy investment, financial markets, and economic development.  Prior to joining the ICEED, Ms. El Mallakh was the Director of Political Risk Assessment for ConocoPhillips and a consultant to Saudi Aramco.  She holds a M.B.A. from Rice University, a master’s degree in regional studies of the Middle East from Harvard University, and undergraduate degrees from the University of California, Los Angeles in economics and in Middle East area studies.  Ms. El Mallakh is responsible for the Center’s price forecasting and analyses and is co-chair of ICEED’s energy conference and events.

As many of you recall, Helen has spoken to our group in the past and always gives a well-informed and insightful update on events in this important oil producing region.  I always look forward to hearing Helen’s take as it helps me know what to pay attention to when I read the news.  I do hope you will be able to join us for this talk!

EFDG will meet at the Denver Athletic Club (DAC) in the Grand Ballroom.  DAC is located at 1325 Glenarm Place.  As the DAC will require a final head count by the Friday morning preceding our Tuesday event anyone interested in attending will need to register by the close of business on Thursday afternoon (February 6th) There will be a very significant increase in the cost of registering after Thursday, so please do sign up before this deadline.

Sincerely Andy Logan

Coordinator:  Energy Finance Discussion Group